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Get Started - Classmate Profiles - and Group Posts

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This is our class membership and information area. Create a profile and start catching up!

Profile: Let everyone know where you are, how to reach you, and whats current in your life.

For fun, use an old yearbook photo for the member photo. You'll find one in the shared reunion folder in Google:

  • Post a current picture of yourself This will also help us recognize you in November.

  • Share all your current contact information, address, phone, email. So everyone has it.

  • Did you marry? Names of wife/spouse, children, grandchildren

  • Your professional life: Degree's recieved, profession path, still working or retired?

  • Special interests you developed? Special accoplishments? Share snips of whats been improtant to you over 50 years.

When you come to the reunion it'll save us from asking and you telling the same story 30 times over.😉

Post & Share: Think facebook! Use this feature to share current pics of yourself, your family, special memories, other classmates.

Share an old memory from your time in Lenox - or- a story from your 50 year journey since.

Of great interest - reflections on how Cranwell affected your life, looking back 50 years on. Make it a short story or novel.

Reconnect even if you can't make the reunion.

Start now- Sign up & post a current photo!

Group Rules

Guidelines- When filling out your Profile

For everyone's benefit, please include address, email, phone, Professional Info: ie; degree's obtained, profession, still working? Family: Spouse/Partner, children, grandchildren. And photos !

How to insert a Photo in your Profile Section

To insert your photo: place the cursor where you want the photo to appear. Scroll to bottom. Use "add image button" to insert the photo. Photo size - left click on photo and drag white button to size


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