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Sadly, a number of our classmates haven't survived thus far.  We offer up this area in their memory.   In some cases, those of us doing the research haven't been successful in finding much information about life after Cranwell. If any of you have anything to contribute to what's been shared here,  or if you simply want to share a thought or memory about any of your closest friends, please do.  

Thanks to everyone who contributed information, with special thanks to Jim Coakley and Roy Gosselin for their numerous contributions to it.

al barsa-2.JPG

Al Barsa

Died 2008 at the age of 55. 

Al was born in New York City and raised in Rye, New York. He graduated from The Cranwell School and received his B.S. in Management and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

An active member of the Westchester Country Club, he was an avid sailor and for many years the driving force in the club's sailing program. 

For more than 20 years, Al was President of Barsa 

Consulting Group, LLC and Barsa Systems Distribution, Inc. in Purchase, NY. 

From 1996 to 2000, he was named on the 'AS/400 Insider Weekly's "10 Biggest AS/400 Market Influencers" list, making him the only person in the world to have received this honor 5 times. 

 He was married to his wife of 32 years, Susan, and had two children Albert and Christina. 

Paul Desmond

Paul was sadly killed in a bicycle-auto accident in 1994 at the age of 41.  We haven't been able to learn a lot about Paul's life after Cranwell other than he became a medical doctor, was active in the US Army serving with distinction in the Persian Gulf war, attaining the rank of Major before his untimely death. He was living in Tavis County Texas at the time.

Paul Desmond.JPG
Joseph Hatton.JPG

Jay Hatton

We've found very little about Jay. We were able to confirm that Jay died in June of 1993 from an undisclosed cause.  He was living in Miramar Florida and had been an employee of Eastern Airlines & Systems One prior to his death.  To our knowledge, Jay was single at the time.

Mark DeStephano

We've been unable to find much about Mark, other than he died of an unknown cause in January of 1996. He was living in Boston at the time. As far as we could tell from the notice, Mark was single at the time.

Mark DeStephano.JPG
tim maloney-3.JPG

Tim Maloney

We learned that Tim became involved in the quarry, mining, and blasting industry becoming the owner of Brookfield Quarry Services.  He died tragically in a work-related accident on August 10th, 2000 at the age of 47.  Tim was survived by his Ann and two children Robert and Elizabeth.

Francisco Montero

We've been unable to find any information about Franco's life on the web. Those of us that stayed in touch after graduation know he studied photography in Boston, had a great little flat on Newbury street and moved back to the greater NYC area after college.  At some point, he became a private detective, relocated to Texas, changed his name to DeValle. Bill (the Bear) Ryan was able to help us determine that Franco died in 2008

Barry Palm.JPG
Barry Palm -2.jpg

Barry Palm

Barry died October 10, 2014 while living in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida.  Barry majored in English Literature at New England College. He married Barbara Cantor Palm of Greenwich, CT, and had two children, Alicia and Michael.  According to his obituary, Barry remained an avid golfer and followed a career in golf administration with the PGA TOUR Tournaments Association. Barry was a purist about golf course restoration and was responsible for the founding of the Donald Ross Society in 1988. He wrote regularly on the sport for several noted golf publications. His love of music remained with him and we've learned he continued to swing drumsticks all his life. Barry was also an accomplished pianist, avid birder and master gardener.  

Tim Perdue

Tim Perdue sadly died in Syracuse on October 13th, 2013  at the age of 61 after a long illness.  You may recall, Tim came from Massena NY. After Cranwell he received degrees from Syracuse University and Clarkson College. Tim worked for IBM for many years.   

Excerpt from his OBIT: "Tim had a great sense of humor, and was always ready with a joke, or more likely a bad pun. He loved to travel and especially enjoyed learning about Italian cuisine and wine. He appreciated a wide variety of music. He was a zealous Syracuse Orange fan. He spent countless hours with his nieces, nephews whom he loved and who loved him in return. "

tim Perdue.JPG
John Roche.JPG

Greg Roche

Greg Roche's life was sadly cut short not long after graduation in 1971.  While still a freshman at Monmouth College he and a couple of friends got into a boating accident. 

Kevin Scott

We've been able to find very little about Kevin Scott. We believe he attended the Rhode Island School of Design and understand he died in 2019. Please add information if you have some to share

Kevin Scott.JPG
tom watson.JPG

Tom (Harley) Watson 

Tom was tragically killed in an auto accident in 1995.  He was living in Monkton Maryland at the time. We believe he attended Michigan State University. Please add more information if you have some to share.

John (Fuzzy) Moynagh

Sadly, if it weren't for Covid and the delay of our original reunion plans, we would have seen Fuzzy. Fuzzy died from a sudden illness on October 23, 2020.  John was married 42 years to his wife Mary. They have two sons John IV and Daniel; and daughter Julia.  He lived to see one grand-daughter born named Penelope. Fuzzy graduated from Georgetown and had a long career in the executive ground transportation industry.

John Moynagh.JPG

Sharing An Observation

I've generally enjoyed organizing this website knowing it will help bring us together for what is likely our last best opportunity for a fun reunion.

This section though, well suffice to say, was not so enjoyable. In a few more personal moments, difficult.

But, I did come to observe something interesting and worth sharing. In almost every case where an obituary was located, graduating from Cranwell was noted in the writeup.  I think that says something.


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