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Graduated from Fairfield University with a BA in English. Worked for Time Life Books for 4 years before moving into commercial real estate. Now with a small group that invests in the data center niche.

Married for 42 years to Lisa Greenbaum Coakley, a beautiful redhead from Kittanning, PA who recently retired as a Nurse Practioneer. Together, we raised three children who are each married, employed and busy raising a brood of seven grandchildren. While my Mom and Dad died some years ago, all 8 of my siblings are still kicking and a big part of my life. We have been living in the same house south of Old Town Alexandria, VA for the past 37 years and consider ourselves equally blessed and lucky.

As for Cranwell, as much as we all chaffed under the stern hand of the Jesuits, they had a very positive impact on my life. And while it is easy now to appreciate just how beautiful Cranwell was, I laugh at how little that meant to us at the time and how much fun it was pressing our chances against their seemingly endless list of rules.

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